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Biodegradable Fresh preserved “Apinonn Keeper”

Reduce fresh vegetables and fruits that can not be kept fresh. Biodegrade plastics that are discarded without treatment and cause wildlife to die.
For people, for the earth, for the waste-free society "Apinonn Keeper".

■Controled ethylene gas and keep freshness
Degradation promoting substance released by fruits and vegetables · Ethylene gas is discharged outside the bag. It also keeps the freshness by decomposing the ethylene gas accumulated in the bag into carbon dioxide and water.

■Biodegradable function recognized by the world!
"Apinonn Keeper" has the function of converting polyolefin resin (non-degradable plastic), which is considered to be biodegradable such as polyethylene and polypropylene, to oxidized biodegradable plastic. We have acquired biodegradable public certification in Sweden for the first time in the world.

Timely lead biodegradable plastic and freshness preservation

"Apinonn Keeper" allows all products to have freshness preservation and biodegradability.

"Apinonn Keeper" can be used in all fields

Distribution of vegetables and fruits, home delivery of foodstuffs, disposable containers, and work reduction in agriculture and forestry are highly effective. "Apinonn Keeper" is a new technology that is expected from various fields.

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