Our company was honored by the Asahi SME Management Information Center Foundation.

The Asahi SME Management Information Center Foundation recognizes SMEs that are actively engaged in corporate development through ingenuity and efforts such as research and development of new products and environmental improvement. Our company (More Devices) was honored in the second half of 2019.

<Reason for honoring>

Development of Japan's first biodegradable freshness-keeping packaging series "Apinonn Keeper". A plastic that undergoes oxidative decay and low molecular weight after a certain period of time, and is eventually digested and absorbed by microorganisms in the soil. Decomposes ethylene gas, a deterioration-promoting substance released by fruits and vegetables, and maintains freshness for a long period of time. Depending on the amount and composition of the additive, the rate of oxidative decay and the freshness-keeping period can be freely changed. Emphasis on SDGs is a social trend that contributes to global environmental protection and reduction of food waste loss.