Apinonn Keeper®

What’s Apinonn Keeper®?

Excellent freshness-keeping function (+ antibacterial)
Apinonn Keeper® contains the world's top-class antibacterial agent, and discharges ethylene gas, a deterioration-promoting substance released by fruits and vegetables, outside the bag and decomposes ethylene gas remaining in the bag into carbon dioxide and water to maintain freshness. In addition, it suppresses mold and bacterial growth.
Environmentally friendly biodegradation function
Even if plastic becomes fragmented, it does not rot like paper because of its macromolecular structure, so microorganisms cannot decompose it. For microorganisms to be able to eat, use a raw material that dissolves like paper, or oxidize plastic to become low molecular weight, and finally it is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. Apinonn Keeper® can support various biodegradation functions.
Ideal packaging material with freshness-keeping function to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and biodegradation function to protect environment
1.Discharge ethylene gas, deterioration-promoting substance, out of the bag
2.Decompose ethylene gas remaining in the bag into carbon dioxide and water
3.Antibacterial and antifungal effect by safe and world's top-class antibacterial agent
4.Contribute to reducing food loss and raising producers' income
5.Can be combined with biodegradation function that contribute to solving marine plastic pollution
6.Obtained official certification in Sweden, Hong Kong and other countries around the world


Keeping freshness using Apinonn Keeper® was featured in NHK (Japan’s public broadcaster) News.
Freshness-keeping Function Test (leaf lettuce)
Biodegradation Function Test (seedling protection bag)
AGRO Innovation TOKYO 2019