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 The company name "MORE DEVICE" comes from our wish to be a group to listen to the "problems" of our customers and to "device more and think more" to provide best practices faster than anyone else and to contribute to making a better society.
 Climate change due to global warming and the impact of mass-consumed and mass-disposal plastic waste on the environment and ecosystems are urgent challenges to tackle in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
 Through our hybrid technology of environment-friendly plastic, made with bio raw materials and biodegradable raw materials, and food freshness-keeping function, we want to be a company that contributes to the conservation of the global environment and food and continues to pursue safe and secure living for the children of the future.

佐々木 直樹  
Naoki SASAKI  
President & CEO 
More Device Co., Ltd.
Our Philosophy
We create new value by embodying the needs of "people" and "society."

Company Vision
We promote the following four innovations with functional hybrid resin technology.
1) To combat global warming, we promote the use of bio raw materials and curb the use of petroleum raw materials. By using biodegradable plastic together, we strongly promote measures against plastic waste and recycling.
2) With containers and packaging that utilize a wide range of antibacterial technologies, we contribute to the improvement of safer and more secure living.
3) Through the technology of keeping freshness of food (fruits and vegetables, meat and fish), we value the spirit of ”MOTTAINAI", and contribute to reducing food loss, improving corporate profits, reducing industrial waste disposal costs and incineration fuel costs.
4) Enabling long-distance transportation by keeping freshness, we contribute to society by improving sales of producers, carriers and distributors and innovation in distribution (logistics).

Code of Conduct
Strive and work with a clear purpose; "for whom" and "for what".
➣ We listen to the "problems" of people and society and put the solutions into shape.
➣ We respond faster than anyone else in view of customer perspective and customer priority, and work with "heart".
➣ Always be unsatisfied with the current situation, think deeply into things, and do responsible work one step ahead.

Company Name : More Device Co., Ltd.
Company Location : 3-33-10-2F, Mukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0033, JAPAN
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